New Age Movement For Reals

There are these things called Dynamic Alternatives that have become a huge part of what we refer to the New Age Movement as, which was the hippie movement towards health and wellness during the 1970s and even today at other gatherings of people in which spirituality and love are rampant. It’s important to know that when you get involved with an organization or group of free loving people like the New Age Movement that you’re going to have a lot of fun while also learning a ton about yourself and the world in which you live in. If you want to live a more fulfilling life that is full of real happiness and love then you have to learn to give off love and real happiness to other people as well as the entire universe so that you in return can receive what you’ve given off.

Some people don’t understand this process and think it is so mystical or something like that, but the truth of the matter is that this isn’t some form of mysticism or anything like that, it’s really physics and can be a direct result of Isaac Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics. Think about this: with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This doesn’t have to necessarily be confined to things you would learn in your high school physics class, but it can also pertain to things more spiritual and your every day decision making. If you decide to be good and nice to other people in a sincere way than you are giving off an action, and for that action there is a consequence or a result of the action, which is it’s equal and opposite reaction. It’s really not about physics so much as it is about cause and effect, and cause and effect can be something that defines everything, because everything has a cause and effect.

In order to live a more healthy and fulfilling life full of human wellness like the New Age Movement so passionately advocates, then you have to start thinking about every decision you make as a direct cause and effect. When you start to realize that every decision you make has an impact on other people, and that you’re not alone out here in the universe, then you’ll start to understand a little bit better just how much relationships and other people are important.

A study has shown that people are in constant need of relationships, and that those people who have long and healthy relationships tend to live longer than those people who are lonely and lack positive and healthy relationships. So really in order to be healthy you need to have healthy relationships with other people. Every relationship you have with other people is a direct result of who you are and who you are going to become in the future.

So live a healthy life and make your friends within the New Age Movement, and have them show you the type of love you so deserve.

Acid and DMT

When we think of the New Age Movement of the 1970s we primarily think of a bunch of hippies coming together around a large bonfire and singing songs and tripping on some hallucinogens like acid, DMT, or other mushrooms of some sorts to help expand their minds in some way or another, and for the most part this can be somewhat true as to what was happening back then, but that doesn’t mean that because there was a lot of drug use during that time doesn’t mean that these people of the New Age Movement weren’t on to something in terms of spirituality and religion. Although they may have not been the most traditional in terms of religious beliefs, the people of the New Age Movement understood the universe and God much more than any Catholic or Muslim or Jewish person fully understands the universe in which we live in or what God actually is.

When it comes to the divine the New Age Movement was all about moving inwards to become much healthier and fulfilling a better sense of human wellness. This movement towards health and wellness can be classified as both physical and spiritual, and it’s really the combination of both of these realms that classifies what it means to be healthy in terms of the people of this awesome and hippie movement.

Of course a lot of times these people would get together at cool music festivals or some other types of festivals around the United States, and they still do today, and that’s part of what makes these people so cool and worthwhile to getting involved with, and that’s because they know how to have fun as well as be spiritual and connecting to all of us.

When we think of divinity most of us think of God or Jesus or some form of person in the sky looking down upon us who is bigger or somewhat more special than all of us humans, and for the New Age Movement people that is still the same, but divinity is more the essence of what it means to have a sense of creativity, and of course the most important part of the human world, which is love.

When it comes down to it living a truly healthy and fulfilling life means that you have accepted love for what and who it is and you are willing to spread your love to all other humans that you come in contact with, and it’s that form of love that is contagious and spreads like wildfire amongst other people. The only way to really feel this form of love is to come experience what it’s like at a rainbow gathering, the Oregon Country Fair, or some other New Age Movement gathering in which everyone there is really nice and willing to share their love with you no matter who you are, where you’ve come from or what you’ve done thus far with your life. Love is the universal source that can connect us to God, the spiritual realm and the universal consciousness everyone in the New Age Movement is so obsessed with, and it really just feels good to live this way.

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Invoke The Future

The idea of science when it comes to the New Age Movement is really exciting because a lot of people who were involved with this renaissance of thought and invoking spirituality also were really involved with science, and it was the combination of combining science with spirituality that really became the stronghold for the foundations of the New Age Movement that was mostly happening in the 1970s but still happens a lot in today’s times through hippy rainbow gatherings and other forms of festivities like music festivals where a lot of people do a lot of drugs. For the most part the New Age Movement is really healthy and strives towards human wellness, and that’s because a lot of the people who are heavily involved with this movement understand just how important it is to be healthy and living a more fulfilling life can be a direct result of the type of healthy decisions that you make to better yourself on a daily basis.

Being healthy is a really important part of simply being a human being, and now that we all know that being healthy is really important we should actually strive to be healthy in our daily lives like the people of the New Age Movement would want us to live like. So let’s say you’ve decided to eat more vegetables, not eat as much meat or treats that are unhealthy and you’re now cooking and doing yoga on a daily basis. Does that mean that you’re journey is completed and that through meditation and other forms of mental exercise you’re good to go and are now a new person? Well, no, not at all, but it does mean you’re on the right track towards happiness.

But other than being physically healthy you’re going to want to focus on how healthy you are spiritually, and that can be a lot easier said than done. Of course you should be meditating and doing yoga on a daily basis because these two practices help you center yourself and let go of all the worries of the external world and help you turn inwards where the true answers to everything actually are. It’s crazy how so many people will look to things on the outside like money, cars, fame, houses, fancy clothes and all these material possessions for happiness when all they needed to do to be happy was just close their eyes and forget about all the worldly possessions in the universe and just be themselves.

Once you have turned inward you can start to understand certain terms used by the New Age Movement like the ocean of oneness or the universal principle, or even other really cool phrases like one essence or the infinite spirit. All these ideas and concepts are pretty much talking about what’s going on inside each and every one of us on a constant basis, but what’s funny is that no one really uses these terms because we don’t really fully understand them. It’s not like being a hippie in the New Age Movement is some form of esoteric, mystical power, because it really is above all else human and it’s very core of humanity.

Everywhere we look we are starting to notice leaps and bounds in every practice. Just last week I went to see the TMJ Doctor Los Angeles and I was blown away by the simplicity and advancement of his technique. I never realized that I was wasting so much energy on crunching down on my jaw and causing more stress. Every since I realized my TMJ I have been able to sleep better and concentrate more easily.

New age movement

There’s no denying the fact that the New Age Movement of the 1970s still exists in today’s 21st century universe, and there’s also no denying that even today people who are involved with this movement are just as loony as they were way back in the day when being a hippy was just as awesome as it’s starting to become in today’s times.

Of course given the fact that the New Age Movement is somewhat originated upon from the UFO cultures of the fifties there is some serious questioning to be had when it comes to the validity of their spiritual indoctrines, and for the most part in this movement people believe that they can channel non-humans in a way that most other religions would not really understand, except for maybe praying.

When you think about it, channeling is a much cooler way of thinking about praying, because when you think of praying you can sometimes feel a subordinate to the other side of the spiritual spectrums, or the non-humans, because you are praying, or praising them. But when you say your channeling the other side of non-humans it almost seems that we’re both on the same playing field, that we are equal, and we are just trying to have some form of communicative connection amongst each other.

The New Age Movement is somewhat based off the ideas that humans in general lost our spiritual abilities and our conscious abilities to channel the other side of the spiritual realm when we started to advance in technology and other forms of wisdom, but that can be up for debate when you look around the world and still see a lot of spiritual people. But the truth is that for the most part humans are not very spiritual, and that’s probably because we have technology and have become distracted from ourselves. We no longer have the ability to look deep on the inside because we’re always perceiving the universe at is externally. Because we see things and focus on the external world more than we do the internal world within ourselves, this fact that humans have lost their spirituality over time is valid.

There becomes the problem with everything in our modern society, and it comes with what we’re all doing with our time besides being spiritual and giving thanks to our semi-divine angel people who we should be more focused upon. Let’s just give you a quick second to think about what people are focusing on when they aren’t being spiritual. What about every other moment of the day? What are most people always working towards and what is our main motivation for almost all of our actions?

It is money. Money has become legitimately the root of all evil, and that’s simply because we have become more focused on money than on God or any form of spirituality. This is a problem all across the world, and for the New Age Movement it is safe to say that most of the people who became involved with this movement came from families who had money, whether they were middle class or upper middle class most of the people involved with the New Age Movement also came from money, so they didn’t worry about having it so much when they turned to spirituality.

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The Movement of Health and Wellness

The New Age Movement of health and wellness is this entire global movement towards spirituality and religious beliefs that are meant to bring harmony to others and help everyone live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Its motives are always positive and never negative, and the emphasis of a highly intelligent and cognitively questioning structure on an entire population is always stressed for those who are a part of the New Age Movement.

It’s kind of a form of philosophy that most people would consider to be somewhat “hippy” because partly it mostly took place during the 1970s in Western nations like the United States, but a lot of people who look back on the New Age Movement know just how important of a time this was in history for not just people in Western countries of privilege but for all people everywhere, and there’s no denying the fact that the New Age Movement helped shape the world how it is today. So if that’s something that you would consider to be ‘hippy’ then fine, believe it to be however you wish, but know that this movement during the 70’s brought peace to the world in a certain way, although we still continue to see pain and suffering surrounding the human population. That’s why the New Age Movement of health and wellness is something that is reoccurring in times like now in the 21st century where people from all over are reindoctrinizing themselves into the philosophy of spirituality and an emphasis on eclectic ties to your own personal consciousness and others as well as we all continue to pursue a happier place to live together.

The thing is that people who think the New Age Movement is something that’s hippy have some justification for thinking so, and that’s because it was originally founded upon the UFO cults that were really strange and out there during the 1950s, and then the counterculture of the sixties and all these other hippy groups from the mid twentieth century that can be categorized as hippy. But it’s such a cool movement of people coming together and being themselves, because in the long run isn’t that what we’re always doing no matter where we are or who we’re with. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what you’ve accomplished necessarily when you go to a Rainbow Gathering or some other type of New Age Movement procession in which people are grouped in a place and living together temporarily.

When it comes to spirituality, which the entire New Age Movement is based off of, you have to realize that the people who belong to this movement of humans believe in something that is somewhat different than what normal, institutional religions teach, but that their message is still the exact same and just as positive, although drug use and sinning is definitely more condoned.

But the New Age Movement hippies believe in a holistic form of God, and by that I mean that they believe that the entire universe, including human beings, are all a part of what God is, and in a sense that’s a very philosophical way of defining what God is, because we all know that defining God in a tangible way seems impossible for the most part.

A New Wave of Health

There’s no denying that a new wave of health movement has swept the United States over recent years, especially during the last couple decades and in recent years since the turn of the century. It’s definitely a positive change from the normal, fast food culture that has consumed most of American culture for so long, and now we have seen a slow food movement in which people are cooking their own foods and are more conscious of eating healthy and at a cheap price.


A lot of people have his misconception of what exactly is healthy first and foremost, which can be a bigger problem than the other fact that most people have this misconception that eating healthy is too expensive and not worth the extra money. Going towards the first of these misconceptions is important because a lot of people may think they are actually eating a healthy diet, but in fact they aren’t supplementing their diet with an adequate amount of exercise, which in turn then makes their diet not as healthy. But for the most part people switch this scenario around and then don’t get the results they have been looking for when they work out at the gym, or do yoga, or do other forms of exercise that are supposed to help you lose weight and look and feel great. You might get the good feelings through your exercise, but you might not necessarily be seeing the results you’ve hoped for.


That’s probably because your diet doesn’t match up, and for most healthy people they know that what goes in is what you get out more than the typical gym jock saying “no pain, no gain”. It’s important to know that eating healthy is just as important as getting an adequate and efficient amount of exercise on a daily basis. You can’t just rely on one or the other because your health and wellness will suffer in some way or another.


That’s why you have to really focus in on what exactly you’re putting in your mouth, and that can be a lot easier said than done. Most people will think, oh yeah I can eat a bunch of salad and that will be healthy. For the most part that is correct because salad is very healthy, but are you actually going to eat salad for every meal that you eat? I don’t know anyone who only eats salad, and for the most part if you see someone eating salad you’re going to see a dressing that isn’t always that healthy. Remember, that when you alter your food for taste, you are potentially harming yourself and your healthy diet, but that’s not always the case. I personally think eating raw vegetables alone tastes really good, and if you start to think about how food makes you feel afterwards as opposed to how it tastes than you’re going to start getting on the right track to living the right way in the New Age way of health and living.